ICIF provides schools with a comprehensive education program designed to achieve integral formation in all students.
  • Development of an extensive, balanced, and challenging academic curriculum
  • Assistance to schools in implementing curriculum
  • Ongoing consulting advice on curriculum-related issues
  • Textbooks

Professional Development
Sound professional teacher development is fundamental to our mission. We offer teachers comprehensive training in the integral formation of students and practical means for its implementation in the classroom. 
  • Intensive training courses
  • Online courses
  • Teleconferences
  • Annual classroom level assessment
  • In-services

School Operations and Administration

Well-functioning operations and administration are essential to the success of any school. Our operational methods are based on proven principles and criteria. The purpose of our operational and administrative systems and practices is to support the educational effort and to ensure cost effectiveness.
  • Comprehensive school manuals containing policies, procedures, and job descriptions (in development)
  • Guides and handbooks on specific school operating practices and administrative functions (in development)
  • Continuing consultative advice on school operations and administrative matters
  • Assistance in long-term planning and budgeting
  • School management training
  • Promotional material review
  • School development
ICIF provides assistance to schools at all stages of development. We believe that physical surroundings are a significant factor in learning. ICIF has developed school designs that facilitate our educational method.
  • Guidelines for assessing feasibility
  • Advice on long-term planning
  • Criteria and advice on land selection
  • Architectural design assistance for school construction